P-Eye Table Management System                 all functions with core functions are GLI certified

PEye TMS is an advanced table management system that is on the market since 2007. PEye TMS is a highly flexible modular system that quickly and cost effectively to your needs and desires can be adjusted. PEye TMS roulette numbers recorded by video image in a split second - faster than any other technology.

Animated table and summary billboards, cash flows, revenues, voice output, reporting, coupled with your unique video technology and a unique quality management to make PEye most comprehensive hardware and software solution for the live game.

The following graphic shows the core components:


PEye TMS includes

  • Table display with animated software interface (DSoft)
  • Roulette with automatic speed recognition (RDetect)
  • Table with a touch screen keyboard (KSoft)
  • Table layout with an animated user interface (DSoft Summary)
  • Cash collection (MoneyCheck)
  • Permanences (ASoft Permanence)
  • Analyzer software for management (ASoft)
  • Video link with the software modules TEval, VideoBackup, FloorControl
  • Roulette wheel surveillance (WheelSensor, RotorIdent)
  • Login RFID (DoorControl)
  • Redundant storage with Peye-server

And many more features


Plus 20 points for TMS PEye

  1. No limit on the number of gaming tables

  2. Cost feasibility of systems of any size by using standard networks

  3. High reliability of the entire system, all data is stored redundantly

  4. Almost unlimited freedom in the placement of video technology and the peripheral components

  5. Super-fast recognition of the new number

  6. Automatic announcement of "no more bets" and the new number

  7. Game table summary on large displays or projectors using

  8. Interface for video systems

  9. At each event, the right video scene to be loaded in seconds

  10. Legally valid information transfer in real time on video systems

  11. Implementation of comprehensive video backups with filtering tables, opening times, staff

  12. Review of the play equipment by means of statistical methods and mechanical roulette wheel inspections

  13. Implementation and documentation of mechanical roulette wheel inspections

  14. Interface, for example for data import from and export data in time and attendance systems

  15. Interfaces for online gaming and online sales coups

  16. Possibility of remote maintenance of entire system

  17. Individual housing design in terms of shape, size, materials and surfaces possible

  18. Automatic generation of daily and monthly reports

  19. Free design of screens to customers requirements

  20. Extensive user rights management


All core functions and the most PEye-TMS modules are certified by a external institute.



Requirements and standards in certification:

1) functionality
testing requirements based on ISO / IEC 25051:2006

2) data security
PPP 13011:2008: TPS test program taking into account the relevant requirements (BSI recommendations for basic IT protection, etc. BDSG)

3) Quality assurance and process quality
In accordance with ISO 9001:2000 to the extent that the requirements can be derived for the product testing and for TMS PEye relevant (software development, quality assurance)

4) Other
In addition to provisions for admission to operation in public casinos in Germany/Niedersachsen from 06/24/2004